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Princeton Joint Unified School District

Princeton Joint Unified School District


School-family partnerships contribute to academic success at Princeton Joint Unified School District.

Become a partner with your child’s school!

10 tips to get involved in your childs education:
  1. If you have time, help a teacher in the classroom. Help students in reading, math, English, Spanish, computer skills, or other subjects.
  2. Be part of decision-making committee at school, be active in the school site council or simply attend meetings.
  3. Inform the school of your child’s needs and any changes in family circumstances.
  4. Establish a communication system with your child’s teacher(s).
  5. Check your child’s homework, attendance and academic progress often. Request an Aeries parent login to keep track of your students grades
  6. Attend school meetings and parent-teacher conferences.
  7. Attend sporting events and fundraisers.
  8. Chaperone field trips or dances.
  9. Help make food for a school event.
  10. Respond to messages from the school.